Asshole Of The Day
Satire or Asshole? A new game.

by TeaPartyCat ()

Since we started this site, a week hasn’t gone by without two things happening:

  1. Someone sends us something outrageous that turns out to be satire. No one has sent us an Onion post, but we’ve had things sent in that appeared in Daily Currant or Wink Progress or other satirical sites (the two stories linked were actually sent in by indignant followers). But these examples remind us that we all (especially actual journalists, who we see getting fooled more and more these days) need to make sure we’re able to spot (or at least verify) when something’s real or when it’s satire.
  2. We post something and people’s reaction is, No way. That’s not real. But yes, it is. Yesterday was an example with the legislator who wants to stop women from having sex during divorce but not men. It seems like a parody of the worst impulses of the worst men in the GOP, but it’s not— it’s real.

So with that in mind, I’ve come up with a new game I’m calling Satire or Asshole?. I will post 10 quotes or story titles and you have to guess whether they are real or satire. Full answers appear in a second post, and each question links over if you just can’t wait until the end. See how many you can get. Good luck.


1. Westboro Baptist Church announced the death of founder Fred Phelps. In lieu of flowers they ask that you blame something on the gays.
Satire or Asshole? answer

2. A 2014 GOP primary candidate said: "Autism and Alzheimer’s are God’s punishment for allowing gay marriage."
Satire or Asshole? answer

3. Rand Paul: “I think questions about my father are out of bounds. And besides, I’d like to focus on what Hillary’s husband did 20 years ago.”
Satire or Asshole? answer

4. “The media is only covering the Malaysian Airlines flight to avoid talking about Benghazi.”
Satire or Asshole? answer

5. “Women don’t need equal pay laws; they just need to be better negotiators.”
Satire or Asshole? answer

6. Texas town pays Ted Nugent $16,000 to stay away.
Satire or Asshole? answer

7. “Rapists and pedophiles use abortion to destroy the evidence,” and therefore it should be outlawed.
Satire or Asshole? answer

8. Louie Gohmert: “I knew how intelligent, what a great leader, and governor Sarah Palin had been. And what a great leader she is.”
Satire or Asshole? answer

9. Mother-in-laws have a legal right to grandchildren, and therefore must approve any abortions by their daughter-in-laws.
Satire or Asshole? answer

10. “Wives are obliged to have sex with their husbands even if they’re not in the mood.”
Satire or Asshole? answer

The full answers to the quiz are posted here.

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