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9/11 is about the 3,000 people who died at Ground Zero and the Pentagon

by TeaPartyCat

And not the 4 people who died in Benghazi. Sure, Benghazi was a tragic loss of life, but anyone who elevates Benghazi to equal or higher status than the 3,000 people who died on September 11, 2001 is an asshole. Partisan, mean, cynical assholes.

I have satirized this impulse of the hyper-partisan over on Wink Progress with a post called The GOP Remembers 9/11. Since I posted it, Sen. Lindsey Graham tweeted this:

Yeah. He said that. After 7 years under George W. Bush browbeating the country to agree to whatever they did in the name of 9/11, now they ignore it in favor of the deaths of 4 people who died on Obama’s watch. None of their arguments work— more people died in US diplomatic missions under George W. Bush than under Obama, George W. Bush was given clear intelligence but did nothing and went on vacation, and most of all the GOP never, ever tried to hold Bush accountable for that failure. And let’s not forget how after Bush was out of office, the GOP tried to block 9/11 first responders from getting health benefits until they were shamed into it

So I’m asking you, if you see any GOP leader today who tweets or says something implying that what happened in Benghazi  on 9/11/2012 is equal to or worse than what happened in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania on 9/11/2001, put a link to it in the comments below, so I can call them out here on Asshole of the Day, as well as adding them to the satire piece to point out how the satire is sadly too close to what the GOP actually says.


Minnesota GOP mentions 4 dead in Benghazi, but no number for 2001:

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    Fucking turds - make me sick with their heartlessness and lack of perspective. Bush gets 4000+ American sons and...
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  14. adignorantium said: Well said. I might only add the passengers of UA flight 93 who overtook the hijackers before the plane crashed in Shenksville, Pa. Great post!
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    Fucking assholes.
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